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Advantages of plastic barriers over metal barriers

Advantages of plastic barriers over metal barriers

In this article, we want to explain the advantages of Congost Plastic Ecobarriers over metal barriers.

The main advantage of the Congost Plastic Ecobarriers is its design: attractive and innovative. Ideal for the organization of events, signage works, concerts, etc … They are perfect for events in the pool or sea, because they do not rust like metals. Thanks to its feet, they are adaptable to any situation and irregularity in soil or surface. The Ecobarriers of Congost Plastic have 360° swivel feet allowing an important space saving in transport and storage. Its stacking system allows safe storage and transport. They can be stacked without any problem.

The Ecobarriers of Congost Plastic are an excellent option due to their characteristics:

  • Attractive and innovative design
  • Do not oxidize: it has good resistance to chemicals.
  • They do not need maintenance.
  • Easy and convenient transport, placement and storage.
  • 360° swivel and removable feet (with security system).
  • They are ecological (they are recyclable). The polypropylene material requires less energy consumption for its production.
  • They are palletized (40 units per pallet) and storable.
  • Simple and safe connection system between the barriers.
  • Customization of the shield, logo or identifying text in the central panel.
  • High variety of colors.
  • They are ergonomic.
  • It is efficient energy absorbing material.

As Congost Plastic we offer you the best customized solutions always with excellent quality. At Congost Plastic, quality is our maxim. Congost Plastic products respond both in the hardest conditions of use and in the delicate treatment. We are happy to answer any questions you might have! Contact with us: comercial@congost.com

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