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Why is it better to use plastic pallets?

Why is it better to use plastic pallets?

Advantages of plastic pallets over wooden pallets

There are many reasons why you should choose plastic over wood. Here are several advantages that plastic pallets offer over wooden pallets:

– Durable and long lasting: Plastic pallets are more durable than wooden pallets. Unlike wooden pallets, plastic pallets will neither break nor splinter. They reduce cost per trip over pallet lifetime.

– Lightweight = cost-effective: Plastic pallets 30% – 35% weigh less than wooden pallets. This makes them easier to handle and reduced shipping costs.

– Eco-friendly: Plastic pallets are recyclable, which is great for the environment. When a plastic pallet damaged or broken, unlike wooden pallet, it can be melted down and recreated back into plastic pallet. Moreover, plastic pallets need fewer resources as they last longer than wooden pallets.

– Safer: No sharp splinters, nails, or edges means less injury, a safer work environment.

– Easy to clean: Plastic pallets are waterproof that makes them easy to be cleaned.

– More Compact: Nestable pallets for easy handling and saving space between uses; stackable pallets that optimize warehouse. For saving place, unlike wooden pallets, plastic pallets they don’t have to be stacked on top of one another.

– Flexible: Plastic pallets have the advantage of accommodating different sizes and types of goods within the same pallet.


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