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Safety Barriers from Congost

Safety Barriers from Congost

Safety Barriers from Congost are:

  • Ideal for maintaining safety distances, and delimiting access on the streets, facilitating safer entrance – exits.
  • Manufactured by injection method in high-quality PP copolymer for greater response and resistance, as well as the possibility of being 100% recyclable to maintain our commitment to the environment.
    Safety Barriers from Congost
  • Designed for providing maximum durability and resistance. Their extremely stable design makes them ideal for signaling and maintaining safety distances in public and common spaces like City Halls, Local Police, Public and Private Entities, Event companies, Schools and Colleges, Airports, Companies for rent, Construction sector, Stadiums, and Sports Centers, Ports, and Shopping Centers.

Congost Safety Barriers Features

Our safety barriers are available in two sizes:


Safety Barrier Eco Barrier 2000 Congost

ECOBARRIER 1200                                      ECOBARRIER 2000

Contact us! commercial@congost.com

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