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Are you planning to change from wood pallets to plastic pallets?

Are you planning to change from wood pallets to plastic pallets?

  • Pallets have a critical role in material handling, transporting and storage. Plastic pallets play an important role in product handling applications. In this article, we have compared plastic pallets versus wood pallets.
 Plastic PalletsWood Pallets
LifespanLong service life (up to 10 years)Short service life (approx. 3 years)
Average trip life 250 6
DurabilityVery durableLow
CostCost effective in the long termLow initial cost
Loop supply chainClosed loop supply chainOpen loop supply chain
StorageNestable – less storage space, save on transport and warehousing costs As they are not nestable, they need more storage space, higher costs on transport and warehousing
Fungus/BugsNoneWooden pallets must be treated
MoistureNoneMoisture must be controlled and measured for customer specs
SafetySmooth material, no nails, fire safety ratedNails, fasteners, splinters can be dangerous
RegulationsExempt from ISPM15 regulations, no need heat treatmentHeat treatment needed
Environmental impactRecyclable and eco-friendlyBiodegradable but not recyclable


Plastic Pallets vs Wooden Pallets

      Stacking of the Wooden Pallets and Nestable Plastic Pallets

  • Plastic pallets are durable and robust. Their service time –up to 10 years and 250 trips, compared with 6 trips for wood pallets. Maintenance and repair
  • The main advantage of plastic pallets is its nestability and low weight which let you an easier and safer movement by hand.
  • Plastic pallets let you save more on storage and reduce warehousing costs.
  • Plastic pallets are economically efficient.
  • Plastic pallets are hygienic because dirt, bugs or fungus are unable to stick to the surface of the plastic pallet. They are easy to clean. Wooden pallets become dirty and difficult to clean.
  • Plastic pallets are exempt from IPPC/ ISPM15-compliant handling or gassing against pests (bugs, fungus) that save on additional costs.

Plastic pallets are lighter, easy to transport, easy to clean, hygienic, more flexible than wooden pallets. These features can let you save more on the budget you will use for storage and shipping purposes.

We make your decision easy with high-quality plastic pallets designed to fulfill different needs. Discover our wide range of plastic pallets here!

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